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In a nurse case managers role, it's crucial to be mindful of what not to say to patients. Avoid phrases like "You're being difficult" or "It's not my job," as they can undermine trust and discourage patients from sharing essential information. Instead, prioritize empathy, active listening, and patience. Encourage open dialogue, validate patients' experiences, and offer support. By avoiding these pitfalls in communication, nurse case managers can foster stronger relationships with patients, promote patient-centered care, and enhance healthcare outcomes.


Today in Trend
Today in Trend
26 Mac 2024 · joined the group.
Taimoor Alriyady
Taimoor Alriyady

In Dubai's bustling business landscape, understanding the true worth of enterprises is essential. Business valuation methods vary, encompassing income, market, and asset-based approaches, alongside qualitative factors like brand reputation. Adhering to local regulations is crucial for accuracy, ensuring compliance and precision. Accurate valuations empower entrepreneurs to attract investment and seize growth opportunities, navigating Dubai's dynamic market with confidence.


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